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Sustainable development

Achieve a comfortable, honest, and long-term business development

We adhere to the tradition and style of ICS Technik and implement a sustainable development strategy to achieve a comfortable, clean and long-term business development.

Corporate sustainability management
Sustainability is a cross-cutting horizontal task

We attach great importance to the long tradition of our company and also develop new strategies to enable companies to stay ahead of the market. This also applies to sustainable development: sustainability has always been a natural part of our corporate responsibility. As an international business, the task we face today is to stabilize this part of the strategy, manage it effectively, and move forward steadily. ICS Technik has established relevant structures and organizations for this purpose.

“It is our responsibility to achieve long-term success in protecting the ecological environment and fairness and justice. It is our goal and motivation to combine these three points,” said Mr. Xu, President and CEO of ICS Technik. ICS Technik's business philosophy is based on the fundamental principles of sustainability, opening up more opportunities for future generations than blocking them. We not only want to be a technology leader in our industry, but also a model for sustainable development.

With this understanding of sustainability, ICS Technik has set ambitious goals for the future of the company while returning to tradition and corporate style.

Standards, action areas and strategic objectives
Resource depletion, climate change, urbanization, mobility, globalization and demographic changes are the main trends in our time. In today's increasingly globalized world, these overall trends as a driving force also influence our businesses and strategies. If companies want to achieve sustainable development, we must recognize and manage the opportunities and risks of these trends in order to create value in the long run.

We see continuous management as an opportunity to expand business outcomes, avoid potential business risks, and open up new avenues for ICS Technik. Therefore, sustainability as an indispensable principle in corporate behavior is rooted in our corporate philosophy. This principle runs through the entire value chain and plays a leading role in all processes and processes.