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Automatic I - Type Heat Sealing Shrink Packing Equipment

The automatic I-type sealing and cutting machine can complete the functions of automatic film feeding, punching, film coating and sealing and cutting at one time, and is mainly used for batch production of small-package flow.
The sealing mechanism consists of two parts: horizontal sealing and electrostatic sealing. The position of the sealing line of the horizontal sealing can be adjusted to ensure that it is in the middle of the product to make the sealing position more perfect. The electrostatic sealing can continuously seal the film with the bottom overlap, regardless of the length of the product. Restricted to form a seal-free bond, making the product more beautiful.
Manual adjustment of the guide mechanism to accommodate products of different widths and heights.
The length of the film is controlled by photoelectric sensors and time relays, which is more precise and easy to control the shrinkage effect.
The speed of the conveyor belt, film feeding and filming can be adjusted and controlled by the frequency converter, so that the connection and movement of each mechanism are smoother and more accurate.
The use of electrostatic sealing means that the entire packaging process is free of any waste and the equipment is more environmentally friendly.
Energy-saving heat shrinking machine, hot air is generated from both sides and bottom of the furnace cavity, forming a wrap around the package, the film is heated more evenly, the heating time is shortened, and the packaging is more perfect; the furnace cavity is insulated by heat insulating material to reduce the heat of the cavity Loss, to avoid possible damage to the human body caused by overheating of the casing.
The sealing mechanism has the function of preventing miscut packaging.
It is easier and faster to change the packaging film and wear the mold.
Seamless connection to the production line is possible.





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AC 220V 50Hz

AC 380V 50Hz




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