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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility, protecting the ecology is also an economic activity

ICS Technik is committed to providing innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly products and services to its customers and to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner.

In order to continuously reduce the impact on the ecological environment and continue to implement it, ICS Technik updated the “Environment” part of the company's environmental standards for the entire group and summarized the company's specific environmental standards.

At the same time, ICS Technik has developed seven guiding principles, an understanding of environmentally conscious actions and how to implement environmental protection measures within the group.

1. Ecological behavior is also an economic activity.
2. Ecological behavior covers the entire value creation chain.
3. Ecological behavior is an ongoing process of improvement.
4. Compliance with regulations and established standards is the foundation of our actions.
5. The ecological behavior involving all employees is within the responsibility of the manager.
6. Regularly conduct ecological behavior training for all employees to strengthen environmental awareness.

7. The manager conducts inspection and supervision of ecological behavior through auditing.
As a major and strategic area of activity in the field of environmental protection, ICS Technik first defined issues such as carbon dioxide emissions, waste quantities and fresh water usage.