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Automated packaging line, what kind of packaging equipment does the company choose?

Release time2019-07-30 Read1373
Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, automatic packaging equipment has entered the era of automation, mechanization and intelligence, keeping pace with the times, accelerating the application of packaging equipment to automatic production resource technology, and realizing the automation of packaging equipment. Respond to the needs of enterprises to meet human resources. It can also save labor costs, improve product production efficiency, and achieve efficient, energy-saving and safe packaging.

Which packaging equipment is the company suitable for? For example, at present, the industry has a wide application to the unmanned packaging line. It can basically realize full automatic unpacking, sealing, packing and vacuum sealing. It can also be combined with the heat shrink packaging machine according to the product packaging method. The matching packaging, so that a good automatic packaging line, can almost meet the market's integrated packaging needs.

In the era of intelligent packaging, the unmanned packaging line replaces the manual operation to solve the problem of recruiting people in the factory. Automatic packaging line, the whole packaging line has four parts: automatic box-opening machine, heat shrink packaging machine, automatic sealing machine and automatic packing and binding machine. It integrates functions such as automatic unpacking, automatic sealing, product shrinking vacuum sealing and automatic packing, and can automatically complete the integrated automatic packaging flow operation.

The standardized automatic packaging line has a wide range of applications, automatic intelligent control, stable performance, which can greatly reduce labor, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Applicable to box products and square products automatic shrink film packaging, sealing and packaging, such as electronic appliances, hardware tools, pharmaceuticals, food, toys, daily chemicals, books and other packaging products industry applications.

In the age of labor shortage, I believe that many business managers have their understanding. Automated packaging lines can really help automate production, improve efficiency, and solve labor problems.