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Automatic edge sealing shrink packaging machine

The automatic edge sealing type sealing and cutting machine can complete the functions of automatic film feeding, punching, film wrapping, sealing and cutting and scraping waste at one time, and is widely used in the flow operation of mass production packaging.
The sealing mechanism consists of two parts: horizontal sealing and side sealing. Both can be independently adjusted and adjusted to ensure that the sealing line is in the middle of the product, so that the sealing line is firm and beautiful, achieving perfect sealing effect.
Manual adjustment of the membrane system and feed conveyor platform to accommodate products of different widths and heights.
The edge sealing mechanism can continuously seal and cut the film, which is not limited by the length of the product.
The length of the film is controlled by the photoelectric sensor and the timer, which is more precise and easy to control the shrinkage effect.
The automatic scraping of the waste is controlled by the motor separately, the winding speed is even and stable, and it will not be too tight and too loose to avoid breaking the waste, and the receiving tray is easy to remove.
The use of European or Japanese PLC and Weiluntong 7-inch human-machine interface (optional), the control is more stable and simple.
The sealing mechanism has an automatic protection function to prevent miscuts of packaging and operators.
The automatic mode and manual mode can be switched at any time for easy replacement of the packaging film.
The entire unit is seamlessly connected to the production line.
Applicable to the packaging of photo frames, picture frames, flooring, aluminum profiles, wood products, etc.

Model BD8L-0045C BD8S-4525 BD8B-0055 BD8W-5030 BD8B-0070 BD8W-7030M
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz AC 380V 50Hz
Power 3KW 12KW 3KW 16KW 3KW 16KW
Max.Packing Size L不限;(W+H)≤430mm;(H)≤180mm (L)700×(W)400×
L不限;(W+H)≤500mm;(H)≤250mm L不限×(W)450×(H)
L不限;(W+H)≤650mm;(H)≤250mm (L)不限×(W)650×(H)
Max.Bag Size(Cavity Size) L不限×(W)450mm (L)1000×(W)450
(L)不限×(W)550mm (L)1500×(W)500
(L)不限×(W)700mm (L)1500×(W)700
Packing Speed 15~35pcs/min 0~15m/min 15~30pcs/min 0~30m/min 15~30pcs/min 0~30m/min
Air Source ≥0.5MPa / ≥0.5MPa / ≥0.5MPa /
Machine Weight 450Kg 240Kg 650Kg 450Kg 750Kg 500Kg
Machine Dimensions (L)1820×(W)1040
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