WuXi ICS Technik Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Intelligent glue injection and potting production line

    Intelligent glue injection and potting production line

  • Vacuum potting station

    Vacuum potting station

    In the electronics manufacturing industry, the universal vacuum potting system has the flexibility to respond quickly to product changes. A universal vacuum potting system with three moving shafts and an automatic waste...

  • Desktop vision CNC unit

    Desktop vision CNC unit

    In pre-material and process testing, you can also test which material meets specific requirements, which potting method provides the best and most cost-effective results, and can be used to determine the time to meet pr...

  • Desktop CNC unit

    Desktop CNC unit

    LeanCNCell's lean three-axis system is specifically designed to handle the injection and potting of small to medium batch materials.

  • Modular production system

    Modular production system

    This versatile unit is based on standardized modules and customized to customer specifications. The size, production process, part handling options, and the variety of material flow or equipment control units form a sys...

  • Piston precision dispensing head

    Piston precision dispensing head

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